Angel & Demon Safety Chain

Angel & Demon Safety Chain

Introducing the enchanting Sterling Silver Pandora Compatible Angel & Demon Safety Chain - the perfect addition to your cherished Pandora bracelet. This exquisite piece showcases the captivating duality of angels and demons, featuring intricately detailed winged motifs that symbolize the eternal battle between good and evil.

Crafted from the highest quality 925 sterling silver, this safety chain provides a reliable and secure connection for your treasured charms. The durable lobster clasp ensures your bracelet stays safe and intact, while the elegant design adds a touch of mystique and charm to your collection.

The Angel & Demon Safety Chain is more than just a functional accessory; it's a powerful statement of your unique personality. Embrace the harmonious balance of light and darkness, and let your wrist tell the story of your unyielding spirit.

Material: 925 sterling silver 
Style: silver safety chain
Price: For 1 charm
Hole size: 4.5mm 

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