4 Birthstones & Words Engraved XoXo Ring

4 Birthstones Ring

Our exquisite Custom 4 Birthstones & Words Engraved XoXo Ring, a true embodiment of love, style, and personalization. This beautifully crafted piece of jewelry is designed to celebrate the unique bond between loved ones, making it the perfect gift for yourself or someone special.

At the heart of this stunning ring are four carefully selected birthstones, each representing a significant individual in your life. These birthstones are delicately set in a captivating XoXo pattern, symbolizing hugs and kisses, which encapsulate the affection and devotion shared among loved ones.

What sets this ring apart is the option to engrave meaningful words or names onto the band. You can immortalize the names of your loved ones or inscribe heartfelt messages, further personalizing this treasure and making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Style Personalized Rings
Width of Ring Band 2.8MM(0.112INCH)
Material Sterling Silver
Measurements Ring Height: 5.5MM(0.22INCH), Birthstone Size: 4*4MM(0.16*0.16INCH)
Material Sterling Silver 925

$89.99 AUD